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Enjoy increased visibility and improved room occupancy. Easily manage your room availability, general inventory, hotel services, payments and reporting with a higher degree of efficiency.

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MoBiashara for Hotels

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Biashara is a Swahili word that means ‘Business’. MoBiashara translates to ‘More Business’. This encapsulates MoBiashara’s promise to hotels. MoBiashara for Hotels (or MFH for short) addresses the biggest needs for hotels in sub-Saharan Africa today with its suite of interconnected cloud based features.

What Hotels Want?

  1. More sales/room bookings
  2. More revenue/money generated from the hotel
  3. Technology to enable them better manage their operations
  4. Improved visibility

MFH’s Guarantee to Hotels:

  1. Increased local and international visibility for hotels
  2. Will position hotels to receive more bookings and to sell more room nights.
  3. Enable hotels to manage their operations in a simpler and more efficient way.


The leading tool to place your hotel rooms before millions of prospective guests everyday. Sell your rooms on multiple distribution channels including some of the leading local and international OTAs.

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A Cloud based hotel property manager that requires no expensive hardware or software to run, all that is needed to commence is your hotel PC and an optional card machine. Manage hotel front desk operations including guest management, payments, operations management, financial reporting and much more.

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Manage supplementary services ranging from a Restaurant & Bar Application (for F&B), Doorlock/key card, Pay roll, laundry manager with housekeeping operations and much more.

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Efficiently track and manage your inventory levels, orders and deliveries. Integrate inventory stock control of food and beverage with the MoServices restaurant sales Point of Sales (POS).

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Starting at
$30per Month
$27per month for 12 months

Essential features to optimize inventory management, pricing and reporting.

  • Front Desk Management Tool
  • Manage your Room Inventory and Prices
  • Booking & Payments Reconciliation
  • Customer Rewards Program


Starting at
$40per Month
$35per month for 12 months

Hotel services seamlessly synced to the hotel property management system.

  • Restaurant & Bar Module
  • Laundry Module
  • Maintenance Modules
  • Payroll


Starting at
$150Per Month
$137per month for 12 months

Efficiently track and manage your inventory, orders and deliveries.

  • Stock Control
  • Vendor Management
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • Portion Management

The MFH solution really brought a lot of efficiency to our hotel operations. We really should have taken up the solution earlier.

Tola Akerele Bogobiri House

Used & Trusted by over 2,300 Hotels.